Things you can’t do while pregnant-Symptoms Of Miscarriages

Symptoms Of MiscarriagesThings you can’t do while pregnant

Things you can’t do while pregnant and many symptoms of miscarriages of Pregnancy. Here I will explain Symptoms Of MiscarriagesThings you can’t do while pregnant

List of Symptoms Of Miscarriages

  1. Spotting or Bleeding
  2. Cramping
  3. Lower back pain or Abdominal pain
  4. Clot tissue passing
  5. If not feeling pregnant

List of Things you can’t do while pregnant

  1. Park Ride
  2. Riding Bicycle
  3. Sports
  4. Gymnastics
  5. Running
  6. Snow Boarding
  7. Don’t play tennis

Miscarriage is one of the bad experiences that women have no matter at what age it happens. ACOG statics says that around 15% of pregnancies have ended with a miscarriage. The factors that lead to miscarriages are the age and past medical condition. Even after having a miscarriage, women can have a better chance to get pregnant again, but if this gets repeating much time, then she must visit the doctor.

Most often, the miscarriage starts with bleeding, and it continues, then you get a miscarriage. So there are lots of symptoms that lead to miscarriage. So it is better if you go to the doctor to get proper suggestions if you find any of the symptoms as described below.

Spotting or Bleeding

Spotting or Bleeding
Spotting or Bleeding

Whenever you spot bleeding during pregnancy, you should visit the doctor first. In the time of pregnancy, around 20-25% of women have bleeding problems. Most of the women go through bleeding that indicates that she is going to give birth to a healthy baby as it should not be taken the risk because most of the miscarriages occurred when bleeding is spotted.

Bleeding can occur in red, brown, or pink, but as compared to pink and red, brown is found very often. Another reason for getting bleeding or spotting might be an ectopic pregnancy, implantation, or placental problems.


Getting cramp at the time of pregnancy is common. Cramping occurs because the uterus stretches. If you find that the pain is excess, then it can cause miscarriages. Also, remember when a cramp occurs, and you spot bleeding, then it is better top go to the doctor as soon as possible.

Lower back Pain or Abdominal pain

Things you can't do while pregnant-Symptoms Of Miscarriages

This thing needs to be taken seriously because when women suffer from abdominal pain or lower back pain. then it can occur to miscarriage. If the pain is harsh, then it might be a chance of an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy needs quick medical attention. Hence it should be taken into notice to go to the doctor if you suffer from any abdominal pain or lower back pain.

Clot tissue passing

If you see that in the bleeding there is any clot tissue then it might tend to have miscarried. It is the major case seen in miscarriages. Hence it is better to contact the doctor as soon as possible if you spot any clot in your bleeding.

If not feeling pregnant

It is not uncommon for everyone to initially see signs of Pregnancy. If you think that you have pregnancy problems like nausea or breastfeeding and suddenly disappear, you should go to the doctor immediately.

These are some of the symptoms of miscarriage, which can be identified before the miscarriage and, if you encounter any of the above symptoms, it is best to consult a doctor. If you ignore it, it will cause miscarriage. Therefore, it is best to take precautionary measures first. Hence it is true that prevention is better than cure.

Things you can’t do while pregnant

Things you can't do while pregnant-Symptoms Of Miscarriages

Activities That Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy When you are pregnant you should not do those activities that would put you in risk that increases the chance of shock to your stomach. Students from ACOG (American College Of Obstetricians and Gynecologist) noticed that when you so some activity that is over 6,000 feet altitude causes a risk, which consists of less content of oxygen for the bot you and your baby.

There are some activities that you should avoid at the time of pregnancy. So let’s see which they are.

Park Ride

Rides like water sliding in the parks are risky as to avoid an instant pressure to your stomach that will affect you and your baby.

Riding Bicycle

If it’s your first time then avoid doing cycling. If you are a second time then you can continue with this. When you try to make balance, the center of gravity makes cycling dangerous for both of you.


If you are a sportsman then you should avoid doing that till the time you are not re-commitment by the doctors.


There is a lot of chance for increasing Trauma to your lower stomach because of the highest pressure.


Walking is good but running is not at all good. When you do it, it starts giving pressure to your stomach.  When ever you do that you should take a proper causation while running as there is a lot of chance of falling increases at time. Don’t overdo r=the exercises. You should better drink more and more water at time.

Snow Boarding

There is a lot of chance that you can fall down which can cause to the hammering to you and your baby with a lot of pain that you don’t even imagine.

Don’t play tennis

It’s fine if you place at a moderate pace, which is almost not possible for anyone to paly when it comes to tennis. It’s not at all good for any time. No matter it is your 2nd or 3rd time it is risky anyway.

It is better if you do some better and smart activities at the time of pregnancy. It doesn’t matter how active were you before pregnancy, you should not risk yourself and your baby to fall for any risk. So better be at the safer side instead of risking yourself.

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