34 Key Points on Operational Guidelines for COVID-19 vaccine by MoHFW

Vaccination sessions based on the number and priority of registered beneficiaries employed with the following considerations:
• There will be 100 beneficiaries in one session;
• While most healthcare and airline workers will be vaccinated at fixed session sites
Government health facilities, above the PHC or private health facilities, as defined by the district administration
Vaccination to other high-risk populations may require outreach session sites and mobile sites/teams;

Key Points on Operational Guidelines for COVID-19 vaccine by MoHFW

34 Key Points on Operational Guidelines for COVID-19 vaccine by MoHFW
  1. Only one person to enter the vaccination room at a time.
  2. Observation wait time for 30min post-vaccination.
  3. Maintain temp range of +2 to +8 Deg C only not below or above it.
  4. IM in the upper arm.
  5. 0.5ml dosage.
  6. No VVM on vials.
  7. To write the date and time of opening on the vial.
  8. Open vials not to be used after 4hours of opening/at end of the session.
  9. Vaccines not interchangeable.
  10. DIOs will handover vaccines to respective.
  11. AD syringes will be supplied as per vaccine doses.
  12. A vaccine to be avoided in pregnant women and comorbid individuals presently to be given only in healthy individuals.
  13. Not to be stored in a normal refrigerator.
  14. Temperature monitoring twice/day.
  15. Freezing destroys vaccine.
  16. In freezing, temperature areas use warm packets.
  17. VMF added in your vaccine demand figure.
  18. Vaccine shelf life 6months.
  19. Individual vaccinated after 14days of testing negative.
  20. In AEFI/Anaphylaxis event avoid 2nd dose.
  21. 2nd dose of vaccine from the same manufacturer.
  22. If delayed in 2nd dose, to vaccinate as early as possible.
  23. No specific duration for AEFI to occur.
  24. Encourage AEFI reporting.
  25. Preferably a dedicated ILR for the covid vaccine.
  26. Start Dry run in your areas.
  27. Continuous power supply mandatory.
  28. Prevent pilferage and theft, any such activities to be reported.
  29. Never expose vials to direct sunlight.
  30. Keep vaccine on the table and not on an ice pack.
  31. Never Pre-fill syringes.
  32. Use all vaccine contents in a vial before opening a new vial.
  33. Partially used vaccine vials not be used on subsequent days. Open vial policy not applicable.
  34. Vials properly discarded as per BMWs norms.

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